Cross Cultural Encounters | About Us
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About Us

Cross Cultural Encounters

We create meaningful, cultural, short term custom faculty led programs in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. We offer a hands on, consultative approach and a great deal of flexibility to plan and build cost effective, safe, high quality customised programs tailored to suit the needs of the Faculty. We are an Australian owned company with over 30+ years experience.


Kym Treacy


Tammy Harth


Shelia Houston


Jillian Litster

Academic Advisor

Lavenia Warman

Fiji Consultant

Our Wonderful Dedicated Team

Kym Treacy – Director

Caring, dedicated and enthusiastic, Kym Treacy started her career as a Travel Agent more than 30 years ago. Since then she moved into the International Education field by working with CQUniversity, AustraLearn, GlobaLinks Learning Abroad and now her own company Cross Cultural Encounters. Reflecting her expertise in this field, Kym has presented at international conferences on topics such as developing successful study abroad programs and effective management of crisis situations impacting on student programs. Kym specializes in ensuring all students and program participants have a safe and hassle-free experience.


Tammy Harth – Director

Tammy Harth had an early career within the Banking, Travel and Student Service Industry. More recently she has extensive experience managing Site Visits for faculty and coordinating custom programs while working with AustraLearn and GlobaLinks Learning Abroad.  Reliable, attentive and efficient, Tammy has over 10 years experience working within the student travel sector in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Her impressive network of contacts in these countries allows her to confidently tailor programs to the needs of the client, ensuring a successful and enjoyable educational adventure.


Shelia Houston – Director

Shelia Houston was born in the USA. Following her university study, she traveled the world extensively and emigrated to Australia. She has a broad business background in international businesses in both public and private sectors, including having worked for a Fortune 500 company and currently on the Council of CQUniversity. Shelia was an executive director and co-founder of GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, an international education organization which, over a 24 year period, sent more than 28,000 students abroad in 120 different programs. Passionate, hard-working and goal-oriented, Shelia is also actively philanthropic, helping students in need through her Foundation for Global Scholars.


Jillian Litster – Academic Advisor

Jillian Litster received her BA (Hons) & MA in Sociology from Flinders University. She was a Lecturer at Central Queensland University and then Academic Supervisor with GlobaLinks Learning Abroad (GLA).  Jillian has over 20 years of experience in the tertiary sector, in course creation, delivery and assessment. Her primary role whilst with GLA was to oversee the academic component of International Internships. Jillian has experience working with people in dispersed locations, within the same country and overseas and from culturally diverse backgrounds. Her focus is always to support students to maximise their learning experience.


Lavenia James – Fiji Consultant

Lavenia, born and educated in Fiji worked in the tourism sector before relocating to Australia to start a new life and family.  Lavenia joined the CQ University International Recruitment and Marketing Team and travelled throughout the Pacific Islands and Asia. She also travelled extensively in Canada, Europe and the United States of America in the field of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs.   After graduating with a Master of Marketing Management degree as a mature-aged student, Lavenia joined the Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) a Queensland Government Department.  Whilst travelling throughout regional Queensland Lavenia gained extensive knowledge in Community Consultation, Community Development and Ministerial Forums. She always aimed to achieve a Win/Win situation as an end result for both parties.  She is committed, hard-working, loyal and enthusiastic about every task she undertakes.


Cross Cultural Encounters brings to the equation a strong working relationship with University partners and suppliers in these countries

We are able to capture the local flavour of our destinations whilst ensuring pedagogical and socially responsible learning experiences.

Our integrated network of contacts ensures we are able to provide the best quality services and expertise available.

The quality control processes in place are aimed at continually improving and enhancing programs for repeat customers.

Health and Safety

We have a clear and comprehensive Critical Incident Plan established to ensure safety of students and Faculty whilst running programs and most importantly during an emergency.

Cross Cultural Encounters is a nurturing team who genuinely care about the safety and well-being of all participants.

Unwavering support before and throughout the program ensure safety and a quality experience.


University of Minnesota

Radford University

Duke University

Delaware University

Arizona State University

California State University

We also supply programs to other Universities and Study Abroad companies under their name.